Talulah's Fancy

one-of-a-kind and handmade jewelry for the inspired heart

Each gallery and boutique that features TALULAH’S FANCY is selected for the over-all creative synergy that is an invaluable asset to my design process. I create ONE-OF-A-KIND designs for clients that are looking for pieces that represent their unique style and therefor I look for unique galleries and boutiques that also stand out from the norm.

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 SJ's Village Boutique - Pittsford, NY

SJ's Village Boutique maintains the largest selection of my most current designs and I am truly honored to be featured here… 

If you are in The Rochester NY area make sure to check out this beautiful store specializing in the most gorgeous hand procured garment lines in the region as well as other beautiful, local and hand crafted gift wares. SJ's  team is dedicated to the utmost level of customer service in a very special and oh so creative atmosphere that also maintains a very comfortable ambiance. ... you will be thrilled you came by. 

Pairing my designs with the beautiful clothing that SJ’s has to offer is not only easy it’s fun!



“Distinctive styles for the woman who takes great pleasure in everything she puts on - a pair of earrings, a dress, a handbag, a fragrance - and who understands that how we dress does make a difference - in how we feel about ourselves and influence the world around us.”

When I first found a Lily and A Sparrow…it seemed like a mirage. I was driving around a bit aim-lessly with a friend after visiting my brother until we ended up in the awesome little Erie Canal town in front of A Lily and A Sparrow. You can’t imagine how thrilled we were and you won’t get it until you take the drive and visit for yourself!

If you are anything like me you will love it here… you won’t leave empty handed and you will no doubt make it a regular destination when your looking for something you won’t find anywhere else! Laura is absolutely Amazing at her craft…finding the most beautiful and unique garments and helping you select what really works for you. A Lily and A Sparrow is a dressing destination worth driving for!