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For Something One-of-A-Kind, Customized, Crafted by Hand and Created Specifically for Your Someone Special…

Contact Tamara…a.k.a. Talulah!

CUSTOMIZED GIFT SERVICE brought to you by Talulah’s Fancy

To become a Gift Service Member simply fill out the form below and Tamara will be in touch.

“Gift Service Members” -Receive complimentary gift wrap, a personalized note from you, a fancy gift along with free packaging and shipping.

“Gold Level Gift Service Members” -For an additional fee, collaborate with Tamara and she will create a cohesive and customized collection for you that you can pre-purchase for the entire year. In addition to this customized service you will also receive free packaging and shipping, fancy gifts and personalized notes from you.

“I have been a Talulah’s Fancy client for over ten years. She does for me what I call the Grand Slam Plan. Four times a year (Wife’s birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas) Tamara takes care of me. She does this by contacting me 6-8 weeks ahead of the event to remind me. Then she’ll ask me a question or two about my wife as she builds a profile of her. Simple things like favorite movie, favorite color, etc. Then a week before the event, Tamara personally delivers to me a gift for my wife, complete with wrapping, frilly paper in a gift bag, and a card for me to sign. Sometimes the gift is part of a set – Earrings for Christmas, matching bracelet for Valentines Day. Often my wife is brought to tears by the personalization such as an inscription. My wife is no idiot. She knows I can’t wrap a package that well. But she also appreciates that her gift is unique. And that it’s not another gift card to a store in the mall.

Long-time happy client, Joe Notar”

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