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"Talulah's Fancy "SPRING" Flea Shed and Open Studio Sale"

Studio Overhaul + She-shed Overhaul = Giant de-stash!

PLEASE NOTE….Do to a new partnership with a local merchant ( details coming soon!) combined with the location of my studio and off season inclement weather this event -originally scheduled for November 10th -has been rescheduled for the Spring. Before having to switch gears I had been working very hard de-stashing and organizing for the sale so I will be putting together a De-stash Facebook page after the holidays…stay tuned!

So every once in a while it’s a good idea to take inventory and reflect on your creative loves. Unless we have an endless amount of space we can only fit so many things in our studios. Don’t tell Jimmy -but I admit that I am blessed to have a fairly decent amount of studio space…so to run out means some things gotta give. I have been pretty fortunate to play and explore with some really fun mediums… but I think I have truly found something that I would be willing to de-stash quite a few of them for. Yup it’s true… I am…and it’s CLAY.

I love clay…everything about it…kind of funny and a bit ironic -since I worked in a pottery studio for over a decade. At that time though, I didn’t throw, sculpt or build with clay. I was more of a designer-decorator and glazer and my designs were mostly limited to the the master potters direction. Now I’ve been taking classes for about 3 years and I’ve been exploring clay a great deal…and with all that this medium has to offer I will likely have my hands full and busy until the end of my days!

I will of course continue jewelry design…being my first love -I would never give it up. The nice thing is that I am now incorporating clay into my designs and I really love where it is all taking me…another facet to my work and its evolution. With endless possibilities and I mean ENDLESS…I will have quite a journey exploring in this medium that I have become somewhat addicted to.

So back to The BIG DE-STASH… I’m already running out of space to sort and organize…there will be a lot of goodies. So don’t miss this opportunity to shop some of my favorite things…there will be creative and recycled ephemera elements, decorative and vintage items, inspirational books and magazines as well as fabrics trim and other textiles, pencils and paints and a boatload of other fun stuff!

THIS EVENT IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC…you can ONLY receive this exclusive invitation with the location and other details including door prize tickets by signing up on my email list. which you can do right on this website. If you have any trouble at just email me… tamara@taulahsfancy.com.

See you soon, Tamara

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